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Returning Equipment - HOW TO

A reminder to the SCOUTS about troop equipment:

If you have taken home a tent, it is your responsibility to dry and clean it before the next troop meeting.  
DO IT TODAY so the tents do not get moldy.

If this is your first time, the procedure is:

  • SET UP the tent -- as if you were setting it up outside (without rain fly or ground cloth) in a place where it can dry out.  After it is dry, SWEEP OUT THE INSIDE
  • SPREAD OUT the rain fly and let it dry.  Make sure you let BOTH sides dry
  • SPREAD OUT the ground cover and let it dry.  After it is dry (BOTH SIDES) - SWEEP OFF BOTH SIDES of any dirt, leaves or other debris.
  • PUT the tent and ground cloth back into the bag, rolling it up with the tent stakes.
You can set the tent up in your garage, basement or (in WARM SUNNY WEATHER): even outside if you have room.  

Other equipment
For other equipment (such as pots, pans, coffee pots, etc.) wash and dry them TODAY so they do not get rusty or tarnished.

If you cannot make it to the next troop meeting, make arrangements with the quartermaster or your patrol leader o the SPL to get the CLEAN AND DRY equipment back to the troop by the next troop meeting.

We (adult leaders) expect the SCOUTS to do the above cleaning and drying.  It should not be the parents by themselves.  If the scouts require assistance they may get it but the responsibility is on the SCOUT to be responsible for TROOP equipment.