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Winter Cabin Camping Packing list

What to Bring Winter Cabin Camping

  • Label everything with your name or initials

  • Wear official Class A uniform during travel there and home.  Class B for Saturday Hike.

  • Duffel bag to pack items listed below:

    • Reusable Hot cup, labeled with name or initials

    • Mess kit: Knife, Fork, Spoon, Plate, Bowl, Napkins, labeled with name or initials

    • Sleeping bag (40 degree) (cabin is heated w/wood stove)

    • Sleeping pad, optional (bunks have mattress)

    • Pillow, optional

    • Personal kit - toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb, Chapstick, small towel/washcloth, etc.

    • Extra Clothes – dress for cold weather, dress in layers

    • Class B Shirts (2)

    • Extra underwear and Under Armor

    • PJs for sleeping & lounging

    • 2+ pairs of wool socks

    • 2+ pairs poly liner socks

    • Well broken-in hiking boots

    • Sneakers or slippers for inside cabin

    • Warm winter jacket, fleeces, and/or other warm clothes to layer

    • Hats (scout hat + warm hat), gloves + spare

    • Watch

    • Camera, optional

  • Always pack for one season COLDER than now.  Avoid cotton clothes in cold wet weather for outdoor use.  No blue jeans or cotton sweatshirts — they do not insulate when wet and take a long time to dry.

Day pack items

  • 2 refillable quart water bottles or 2 qt camelback for hike

  • Flashlight(s) with extra batteries

  • Chapstick

  • Personal first aid kit, including band-aids and moleskin

  • Extra 2 pairs of socks (outer and liner) to change in the middle of the day

  • Extra hat and gloves

  • Rain gear, such as poncho

  • Pencil or pen & pocket notebook

  • Snacks for trail. Trail Mix, energy bars, etc.

  • Compass

  • BSA Handbook


  • Snow sleds, snow tubes (DEFLATED), etc.

  • Board Games, Books, Cards, indoor activities for night time.

What NOT to bring

  • No electronic devices (cell phones, Gameboy, DS, etc.)