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Summer Camp 2015

Important information about summer camp at Resica Falls Scout Reservation

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Merit Badges

Scouts are expected to obtain and READ their merit badge books.  You do not have to buy all of them; you may borrow from the troop library or other scouts in the troop.  If you are taking a merit badge with prereqs, you must have them done BEFORE CAMP.

Settlers Camp - Trexler Scout Reservation
Camp map - (click for larger map)

Medical forms

Boy Scouts of America (annual) BSA medical form
Resica Falls Routine Medical Log (tells them when you take which medicine, and how)

You should buy or borrow a trunk similar to this one. (Note:
many stores sell these in a set of 2; you probably don't need 2.)

See below for the Summer Camp Packing List

Also recommended, but not required:
  • Camp chair
  • Small tent fan
  • Mosquito/bug net (Something like this)
  • Ground cloth for tent floor
You can drop off your trunk at the Kulins' house starting July 24.

You don't have to fit everything in the trunk; we can pack things like
sleeping bags and chairs in the trailer outside the trunks.  But remember:
PUT NAME ON EVERYTHING: trunk, toiletries, hats, socks, boots, water bottle,
sleeping bag, pillow, towels, etc.etc.etc!

(If you have room, also put troop number on summer-camp items, especially
uniform items, paperwork or anything that will be carried around camp.)