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3556 *** Troop 577 Knot Contest Continues***

posted May 9, 2016, 8:36 PM by Shawn O'Hea

Hi Scouts and Scouters,

As I have been mentioning at the last couple of troop meetings everyone has a chance to double their scores at this week's troop meeting. Each scout will have the chance to tie all of the knots we covered already, 2 pts for each knot tied correctly will be awarded. You will only have one attempt for each knot, no help from anyone but I will allow you to quickly look at any reminder sheets you have before each knot. Two bonus points will be awarded to everyone that can tie a Reef Knot with bights instead of ends and tell me it’s most common use. If you find out don’t tell anyone.

Here are the knots we are doing and links for each knot.

Square Knot, see how to tie it HERE.

Bowline knot, see how to tie it HERE.

Taught line hitch, see how to tie it HERE.

Two half hitches, see how to tie it HERE.

Clove hitch, see how to tie it HERE.

See you Thursday!


Mr. O’Hea