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Camp Bullowa Camping Trip

posted Oct 24, 2014, 10:45 AM by Shawn O'Hea

Hi everybody,

Due to scheduling conflicts the troop will not be able to camp at Constitution Island on April 12/13.   Instead, we will go to Camp Bullowa in Stony Point, NY.   Also, since we were not able to camp at Harriman last weekend, we will treat the Bullowa trip as a backpacking trip.  Any scout who paid their $5 for Harriman does not have to pay for Bullowa.

The new permission slip is at the website ( or here and is due at next week's meeting on April 10.  More info:

  • This is a backpacking trip. Scouts must be able to carry their pack, including water and food and gear (tent).
  • The troop will provide tents to scouts (3-scouts-in-a-tent; tents will be divided at the parking lot).
  • Scouts should "team up" to share gear such as portable stoves and cooking utensils.  Plan for this at the troop meeting on Thursday. Quartermaster can provide a limited number of troop stoves and coffee pots (for boiling water).
  • Scouts are responsible for their own food: bag lunch for Saturday, and Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast
  • "Warm food" is recommended: cup-o-soup, oatmeal, hot chocolate etc.  Freeze dried or dehydrated is fine too, or as otherwise decided by the patrols. Don't forget utensils and plates/cups/napkins. THESE WILL NOT BE PROVIDED!
  • Dress warmly and bring warm gear: it may get into the 30s at night.  UnderArmour is recommended.  15-degree (or warmer) sleeping bag and a winter hat and gloves
  • NO COTTON.  Don't forget a change of clothes!
  • "Be Prepared" and don't forget things like
    • rain gear
    • flashlight
    • scout knife (if you have totem chip)
    • rope
    • first aid kit, etc.

We will be reminding scouts about all these things at the troop meeting on Thursday.   

ALSO, don't forget about:

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Webelos Woods May 16-18!

Soup Kitchen Community Service this Sunday April 6.