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posted Oct 24, 2014, 10:54 AM by Shawn O'Hea


We hope you're looking forward to Camporee this weekend!  Here are some last-minute reminders:

1.  TIME - We will be leaving from Newbridge Rd School on Friday at 5:00 pm
(not 7:00 pm as noted on the permission slip)!
2.  Don't forget all the regular camping trip essentials: flashlight, day pack, water bottle, sunscreen, insect repellent (& CHECK FOR TICKS EVERY DAY), etc.  It can get chilly at night at camp, so bring a warm sleeping bag!

3. We will be hiking from the parking lot to the campsite (It's Schiff, so it's not that far.)  Scouts should pack all their gear in their backpack, and bring a day pack for Saturday.
4. Wear Class A uniform for traveling on Friday, for the Saturday opening & retreat and campfire.  Class B for other activities.   OA members bring sash

5. Patrols will be cooking and eating at the campsite on Saturday and Sunday. Scouts should bring utensils, plates, bowls, cups, napkins, etc.    FRIDAY NIGHT: Eat before meeting at Newbridge Rd School, or bring your dinner on the trip out.   Patrols will have the opportunity to shop for supplies on Thursday.  Remember to have enough food to feed an additional 2 or 3 staff members that will be assigned to your patrols. 

6. Patrols Must have their themed desert or appetizer ready for judges at 6:00 pm in the dining hall on Saturday.

7. Don't forget your ideas and materials required for the Zombie Costume Challenge – scout must turn one of their adult leaders into a terrifying zombie. Only 1 per troop required - everyone should work together on that. 

We hope everyone has a fun time - it should be a great weekend!