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**Emergency Troop Service, Snow removal, Thurs, Mar 5

posted Mar 17, 2015, 8:22 PM by Shawn O'Hea

**Emergency Troop Service, Snow removal, Thurs, Mar 5



The weather forecast for tonight through tomorrow is calling for anywhere between 3” to 8” depending on how the storm hits.

The troop needs as many scouts and adults as possible to go to the American Legion post and clear snow preferably before honor court.  Go when you can, clear what you can. Every little part helps.  Start with the sidewalks and front stairs.  


Also note the post will lose a rental on Saturday if we can not get it cleared up for them.  Please support the American Legion and shovel some snow.  

Anyone have a plow that can clear the parking lot there please let us know.   Mr. Kulins did it the last big storm with a 24" snowblower.