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Farmingdale Soup Kitchen / Harriman Camping Trip

posted Oct 24, 2014, 10:41 AM by Shawn O'Hea

Hi everybody,

Any Scouts interested in working at the Farmingdale soup kitchen on Apr. 6 should bring permission slips to tonight's meeting.  In addition, please see the attached letter.  If you frequent BJs, Costco, or other stores, please use this letter to seek donations. 

Also, the trip to Harriman is this weekend.

Permission slip is at the website ( or here. Permission slip is due TONGIHT. 

  • We will be meeting at Newbridge Rd. School at 6:30am (tentative) Saturday and returning by 1pm Sunday
  • This is a backpacking trip. Scouts (and adults) must be able to carry their pack, including water and food and gear (tent).  
  • Troop will provide tents to scouts (3-in-a-tent; tents will be divided in 3 at the parking lot).
  • Scouts can "team up" to share gear such as portable stoves and cooking utensils.  Plan for this at the troop meeting on Thursday. Quartermaster can provide a limited number of troop stoves and coffee pots (for boiling water).
  • Scouts are responsible for their own food: bag lunch for Saturday, and Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast
  • "Warm food" is recommended due to the weather: cup-o-soup, oatmeal, hot chocolate etc.  Freeze dried or dehydrated is fine too. Don't forget utensils to cook/eat and plates/cups/napkins. THESE WILL NOT BE PROVIDED!
  • Dress warmly and bring warm gear: it may get into the 20s at night.  UnderArmour is HIGHLY recommended.  15-degree (or warmer) sleeping bag and a winter hat and gloves
  • NO COTTON: Wear sock liners (if you have them) and hiking (wool) socks for the hike to the campsite.  Don't forget a change of clothes!
  • "Be Prepared" and don't forget things like
    • rain gear
    • flashlight
    • scout knife (if you have totem chip)
    • rope
    • whistle, etc.

We will be reminding scouts about all these things at the troop meeting on Thursday.