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Scoutmaster’s Bellmore Festival Review / Thank You

posted Oct 28, 2014, 11:55 AM by Shawn O'Hea
Scoutmaster’s Bellmore Festival Review / Thank You

Hi All,

Thank you all so much for the hours spent organizing and running the dunk tank booth at the street fair this year for the Troop.  I think the boys that participated had a great time and the adults too.  It was a long and thankfully warm weekend. 

Thanks to Mr. Mark Harrington for supplying many of the prizes by canvassing local merchants to get donations and even getting Models to partner with the troop by printing coupons that in turn will give the troop an additional 5% back when people make purchases. Special recognition goes out to the "Aqua Boys" a.k.a. the Harrington’s - I think they logged more hours in the tank than anyone else. 

The tank filling (and re-filling)  was made simple by BFD and Mr. Messmer that let us borrow a fire hose and hydrant wrench.  The BFD also supplied all of the ice to make the tasty chilled water soo icy cold.  Mr. Messmer and Jonathan Spohrer met me at 7:30 am each morning to get the tank in place, filled and the heater started.

Mrs. Sphohrer was successful in getting our notable dunkee contestants signed up. that worked really well as we were able to up the price to $1 a throw during those times.   See below response from Mr. Michael Harrington of Mepham.  Later that same day Marie was able to convince NC Legislator Dave Denenberg to sit on the board too.   We gave Mr. Harrington a troop 577 hat and Mr. Denenberg a Class B shirt for helping us out.  

The ENTIRE Mepham Volleyball team showed up and the coach paid for the Mepham athletes to dunk their teammate Seamus Healey several times.  The scouts could learn a thing or two from Mrs. Healey who hawked the ice cold water and "Dunk a Scout, One Dollar" non-stop for two days.  She must have heard that in her sleep after the weekend. 

And I would be remiss if I failed to mention ASM Mr. McInnis, who late Saturday Afternoon  took off his  shoes and got in the tank because there were no scouts signed up for that time period.  Andy stepped up to the task in full Class A Uniform and taunted every passer by (especially those with Met's hats) to try to dunk him.  He remained DRY through the first Five pitchers until three young ladies from the NYS championship softball team, "Lady Rebels" stepped up and hit the target with each of their three shots.

A super big Thanks to Cathy Kulins, Troop Committee Chair and wife of scoutmaster (not sure which is the tougher job;-) for supplying cases of water as we needed them, making a home cooked lunch for us on Sunday and putting up with all of the anxiety ridden rantings of the Scoutmaster.   Luv ya dear :-D

Photo Albums coming soon on  FB and Google+   Hope I didn't  forget anyone, we had a decent turnout and everyone worked really hard.  Hopefully  some of the recruiting efforts will pay off too in the long run as it seemed there were no shortage of  6 -7 year olds that I talked to about the benefits of scouting. There were a few 10-11 year olds also that showed interest.  Recruiting is everyone's job, don’t let up we need to build the ranks of scouting everywhere. 

Thank you.  

Charlie Kulins