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Troop 577: SUMMER CAMP Final Reminders - RESICA FALLS 2015

posted Jul 23, 2015, 10:03 AM by Shawn O'Hea
Hello Scouts. 

Here are some final reminders for Summer Camp 2015 - Resica Falls .  

  1. Make sure you have handed in all Medical  forms, with required signatures,  Rx forms, and copies of insurance cards.   Call Mrs. Leisenring if there are any questions. 
  2. Drop off Trunks starting Thursday 7/23 at  Kulins House
  3. Theme this year is Wild Wild West.  Bring any costume items you want to use,  cowboy hats, western clothes.
  4. ALL scouts must bring handbooks.  this is an EXCELLENT time to complete advancement requirements and ask for a scoutmaster conference.  
  5. Pack brown bag lunch, and water bottle. 
  6. Wear full class A uniform - Troop pictures are usually taken upon arrival 
  7. wear swim trunks under class A for swim test.  Pack  towel and goggles in  Day Pack.   Swim test will be in the pool upon arrival.  
  8. No Eating or storage of Snacks in tents.  All  food items musty be kept locked in the trailer to avoid attracting local wildlife. 
  9. We will meet at the Newbridge School  parking lot  at 11:30 am Sunday.  Our check in time is 3:15 pm at Resica falls.  
  10. Don't Forget your meritbadge books,  worksheets and Pre-Reqs.   

Charlie Kulins