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Turkey Feast and Cooking Merit Badge

posted Nov 25, 2013, 3:41 PM by Nicholas Fortunato
Hi everyone,

1.  Happy Thanksgiving to the scouts and families of Troop 577.   Thank you all for coming out to the Turkey Feast. It was really nice to see the families and have a few moments to talk.  Special thanks to Grand Knight Austin Cannon for once again allowing the Troop to use the Knights of Columbus Hall. And of course an extra special thanks to all that donated food and time to set up and serve. Everything was delicious!
2.  Please re-read  all of the recent emails and/or see the www.t577.orgwebsite.  There are several very important reminders with details about: 
  • Equipment care & return
  • Scout's dues - are DUE
  • Wreath sale pickup and sign up: Dec 6/7
  • Cold Weather training: Sun Dec 8
  • NYC Historical HikeSat Dec 14
  • Youth Protection Training for Adults is mandatory
  • Re-chartering fees for adults is $24 PP
See also below for important Cooking MB info


The homework, and necessary information for those boys who are completing the cooking merit badge is as follows:
  • Each scout is to plan the menu, and present the menu to meprior to cooking the meals. The menu can be typed and emailed as a word document attached to an email, but not in the message box. Please put the scouts name in the subject box of the email if you choose to send it as an email. The menu is to consist of 6 meals, and enough food to feed his family. The menu should be made using the food pyramid discussed during the meeting, or the most up-to-date food plate called "My Plate". Additionally the menu should include some of the basic nutrition facts about the foods being made.
  • After approval, the scout is to cook the required meals for his family, and keep a running list of all the utensils used to cook and serve those meals to his family. Of the 6 meals that the scout needs to plan, only 3 of the meals need to be cooked.
  • Once each meal has been cooked and the lists created the scout is to present the list along with a copy of the menu to me; this is not to be done through email. Additionally, a hand-written note, phone call or personal meeting must be made/presented to me by the parent (or scout if it is a note) of the scout in order to confirm that the home meals have been completed to satisfaction.  I can not accept this information in an email. As well the boys should be ready to answer simple questions asked by myself regarding the meals and menu.
sample menu is attached, please keep in mind that this is only a sample menu and the real one the scout produces should have more detail and contain 6 meals.

If everyone could please keep in mind that the cooking merit badge will become Eagle Required as of January 1st, 2014. After this date it is the counselors decision whether to use the old or new requirements. That is up until July of 2014, after that all scouts must use the new requirements, and they are much more difficult. 

If there are any questions please email me or call me at 516-783-7994

Jonathan Spohrer