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Camporee Results!

Congratulations to Troop 577 for its FIRST PLACE wins (yes, WINS) in 4 categories at Camporee!  Read about it after this note from Mrs. McDonagh:



This is another friendly reminder to print out the medical forms from this link. Please have Part A,B and C filled out completely along with your Physicians signature. Scouts and Parents attending camp trips must have their medical forms updated every year.  We mailed these forms out to the families that have already expired a few weeks ago and the remainder of the scouts are about to expire.
Please do not wait until the last minute as these forms must be handed in PRIOR to start of camp.
You may give the Medical forms (2 copies) and a copy of your insurance card to Mrs. McDonagh (785-3579) or Mr. Messmer.
Also, the second payment of $125.00 for summer camp is due now!


Congratulations Troop  577 for a fun and successful Pequott Camporee weekend. A great time was had by everyone under perfectly sunny and clear skies.  Each scout had ample opportunity to use their scout skills throughout the weekend and earn points for their Troop.  I observed a lot of good teamwork and initiative in everything from setting up tents, to cooking and firebuilding.  They even built a "kitchen" washing area that made KP duty a little easier and their campground entryway even had a working turnstile that proved what they could do with some sticks and some rope (and a little Duct Tape ;-) Of  course they all also worked together on Saturday to meet the themed challenges presented to them. 

The theme of this year's Camporee was "The Hunger Games."  I am pleased and proud to share that the scouts of T577 earned First Place in the following challenges; 

DISTRICTS 8, 9, 10 and 11- These four Districts were known for supplying the Capitol with Textiles, Grains, Livestock and Agriculture, respectively. Basically, this covers food and clothing needed for survival. The challenge was to select what items your unit would need to survive after your means of transport from District 6 broke down. A team of 6 Tributes selected one at a time from a pile of survival items that were recovered from their damaged transport. Each item selected must be useful to the team’s survival. After 12 items were selected, the team ranked them in their order of importance to their survival. This was a timed event also judged for the accuracy of answers.  The  six Tributes in this event were: 

  1. Joey A.
  2. Seamus H. 
  3. John K.
  4. Richard L.
  5. Andrew M.
  6. Daniel R.

DISTRICT 13 – While all the other Districts thought District 13 had been destroyed, it did survive, and became known for its stronghold of Weaponry. Weapons of all kinds were available during the Hunger Games but the weapon of choice used by Katniss was the bow. Each unit selected a team of four Tributes to compete at archery. Points were awarded based on accuracy, teamwork and following Proper Shooting Safety Procedures.  The four archers for this event were: 

  1. Tim F.
  2. Ben H.
  3. Brian S.
  4. Kyle V.

DISTRICT 6 – Known for their skills in Transportation, the people of this District knew how to move. The question is, can 10 Tributes from your unit do as well? With everyone lined up one behind the other, with legs apart, each one passes their right hand between their legs to grab the left hand of the person behind them. Starting at the back of the line, Tributes crawl through the legs of the persons in front of them WITHOUT LETTING GO of their hands, until the entire team is standing in a line upright holding hands. This is a timed event. If any hand connections are broken, the entire team must start over.  T577 tributes  practiced this event at Troop meetings and their practice paid off with a flawless performance of the challenge.  The  ten tributes to  take first place in this challenge were: 

  1. Joey A.
  2. Tim F.
  3. Ben H.
  4. Hariss H.
  5. Seamus H.
  6. Richard L.
  7. Andrew M.
  8. Daniel R.
  9. Brian S.
  10. Kyle V.

DESSERT COOKINGEven though they did not place in the dessert cooking contest I can attest that the "Mocking Jay Bread" baked in a dutch oven was totally awesome and I think will become a staple in their camping menus.  Thanks to Richard L. and Hariss H. for cooking up a great theme-based dessert!

GIRL ON FIRE: And I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge ASM Michael Raia who stepped in for me when I had to step out in District 12, known as the home of KATNISS EVERDEEN…THE GIRL ON FIRE . A team of 5 Tributes and their Scoutmaster (Michael) competed in this event. The Scoutmaster alone had a set amount of time to build and maintain a fire using only the materials given to him. After the fire was burning, 5 Tributes from another competing unit utilized their supply of aerodynamic fire suppressant devices (aka Water Balloons) in an attempt to extinguish the other unit’s fire. Michael had to shield his unit’s fire from the opposing unit’s Tributes which resulted in getting more than just a little wet. Points were awarded for starting the fire and/or dousing the fire.

Individual awards from Camporee will be presented at the next troop meeting. 

Thanks to everyone who came, participated and helped prepare for this awesome, fun weekend.

-Mr. Kulins, Scoutmaster, T577