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Durland/Clear Lake and Fahnestock State Park Sept. 29-30 2012

We're looking forward to a great hiking and camping trip this weekend to Durland/Clear Lake and Fahnestock State Park.
  • We will be meeting at 7:00 AM at the Newbridge Rd. School parking lot.  
  • All scouts should bring bag lunch for Saturday; food for Saturday night and Sunday morning was purchased by patrol leaders during tonight's troop meeting.
  • As Mr. Kulins recommended, pack for "one season cooler" - it could get into the 40s at night.  Hats, gloves, sweatshrt/fleece and other warmer clothing would be good.
  • The first-year scouts will be taking the short hike into the campsite and setting up the tents with Mr. Kulins and Mr. Spohrer.
  • Older scouts will be taking the long hike through the state park with Mr. Brenner.  They can bring a day pack with their lunch and water.  You can use water bottles, Nalgenes or water bladders as long as you bring enough water - there's no source of water along the hike.
  • Everyone should bring rain gear and avoid cotton
  • All scouts under first class should also bring their Scout Handbook for signoff of achievements that they might work on with their patrol and patrol leader.
We should be returning around noon to Newbridge Rd. School parking lot.  Tents will be due back on Oct 11.

Other events:

Monday, Oct 1: Troop Committee meeting at the Kulins house.  All adult leaders and parents are invited.
Thursday, Oct 4:  Honor court.  Patrols have been given food assignments.
Thursday, Oct 11: Regular meeting, PARENT MEETING.  Equipment return from the trip