Gettysburg packing list

What to bring -

  1. Label everything with your name or initials
  2. Wear a official Class A uniform during day Friday & Sunday.  Class B on Saturday Hike.
  3. Duffel bag for items listed below
  1. Reusable Hot cup, labeled
  2. Sleeping bag (cabin is heated)
  3. Sleeping pad, optional (bunks have mattress)
  4. Pillow, optional
  5. Personal kit - toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, small towel and washcloth, etc.
  6. Extra Clothes – dress for weather, dress in layers
  7. Class B Shirt
  8. Extra underwear (and or underarmor depending on weather)
  9. PJs
  10. 2+ pairs of Socks
  11. 2+ pairs Liner socks
  12. Well broken-in hiking boots
  13. Sneakers or slippers for inside cabin
  14. Warm jacket or other warm clothes to layer
  15. Hat (scout hat + warm hat) gloves
  16. Watch
  17. Camera, optional
  18. Money for souvenirs

Day pack items

  1. Day pack
  2. 2 refillable quart water bottles (minimum) or 2 qt camelback labeled with your name
  3. Flashlight(s) with extra batteries
  4. Friday Lunch from home
  5. Personal first aid kit, including  band-aids and moleskin
  6. Extra 2 pairs of socks (outer and liner) to change in the middle of the day
  7. Rain gear, such as poncho
  8. Gallon sized zip lock bag labeled with your name
  9. Your “Gettysburg Heritage Trail Guide” – receive your copy Friday morning
  10. Pencil or pen
  11. “Gettysburg Official Guide and Map” – get Friday morning at the Visitor Center
  12. personal snacks for trail+car ride. Trail Mix etc.
  13. Compass (optional)

What NOT to bring

  1. No knives on this trip - we will be in national parks and museums.
  2. No electronic devices (cell phones, Gameboy, DS, etc.)