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Schiff Oct 2013

As mentioned in last night's meeting the weather will likely be chilly at Schiff this weekend.

Remember to pack:
  • A sleeping pad for under your sleeping bag
  • Cold weather sleeping stuff: UnderArmour, wool hat, gloves, even long johns if you have them.  Extra blanket if you can.
  • Compass for orienteering. 
  • Scouts under 1st class should bring their Scout Handbook and pen. If you have a partial blue card for archery, bring it, for signoff.
  • Bag lunch for Saturday
  • Mess kit including plates, silverware, cups, napkins and a few paper towels for cleanup. You can bring paper cups and plates if you want to burn them.
  • Day pack for lunch etc.
  • Bug spray - ticks will still be alive and hopping
  • No cotton socks, no jeans as usual.  An extra pair of sneakers is OK for changing into.  Bring extra clothes!
  • Rain gear (Be prepared!)
  • Scouts should wear class "B" uniform: Scout pants, boots, troop t-shirt.
All of the above should be in a HIKING BACKPACK, as we will be hiking from the parkinglot to the campsite.

We will be meeting at 7am at Newbridge Road School on Saturday and expecting to return around noon on Sunday.